Regency offers more than just liner changes, we do all types of work and repairs on Swimming Pools throughout Southeast Georgia. We can overhaul your existing pool and make it just like new.

Liner Replacement and Repair

We use Tara and McEwen Industries for your liner repair and replacement needs. Tara vinyl and McEwen Industries liners are durable and last in the hot sun and much use.  Liners come in densities such as 27/27, 27/20, and 20/20 mil for performance that is far superior to other brands. 

Pumps, motors, and filters

If you are start to notice your pump leaking or making noises, No problem. We service pumps and motors, and can have yours working again quickly.  We also replace sand in sand filters and paper filters, along with all the parts associated.

Salt Generators and Salt Conversions

Tired of Chlorinators turning your hair green or burning your eyes?  We can put a Salt Conversion system on your pool so you have a more relaxing experience when you take care of your pool and swim.

Pool Heaters

We can get replacement parts for any type of pool heater on the market.

Deck Repair and Resurfacing

We specialize in Kool Deck and Stampcrete, two surfaces that are designed to keep bare feet cool from the heat while simultaneously offering you a wide variety of color choices to compliment your home and existing landscaping.


Automatic and Manual Cleaner Overhaul kits

Automatic Cleaner getting worn out and you really don’t want to buy a new one?  We can rebuild your old one and make it run like new.

Plumbing Repairs

Noticed water coming up out of the ground? Don’t panic. Turn your Pump off and gives us a call.  We will be glad to repair it for you.